Sunday Protest Set at Berean Baptist by MASH Fort Bragg Group

Comments that have sparked national attention draw in local protestors.

Last week, local pastor, Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church spoke from the pulpit on the North Carolina's proposed Amendment 1 from the support angle, interjecting his own stance, offending many.

He started an uprising that caught the attention of national media sources when he commented to the congregation that if their child exhibits gay behaviors that as a parent they should "punch boys with limp wrists" and urged parents of girls who are "acting too butch" to make them "walk like a girl and talk like a girl, and smell like a girl." After negative media attention he later retracted the remarks publicly and on the church's website apologizing to anyone he "unintentionally offended."

An interfaith effort comprised of both Christians and non-Christians is thought to be in the works in this normally polarized military town. The Fayetteville Police Department has granted the (MASH Fort Bragg) a permit to protest near the .

The group plans to protest on Sunday, May 6, from 9a.m. to noon. Fayetteville Police Department have estimated that attendance will be 500-600 people.

"We’re all on the same team here. The issue is child abuse, not ‘attacking religion,'" said Justin Griffith, Military Adviser for American Atheists, Inc. "This one interpretation of religion needs to be handled. Our hope is that Sean Harris, and similar bigots are shuffled to the ‘fringe’ of Christianity where they clearly belong. They’ll be good company with their friends at Westboro Baptist Church. Several like-minded Christians have come forward also hoping to implement some real quality control for these extremists."

Organizers stated that transgendered, gay, and lesbian former students of this church’s oppressive school will be in attendance.

Volleygirl May 06, 2012 at 11:03 PM
I agree with everyone here on saying that child abuse should not be tolerated. I agree that we should not harm others. I agree that child abuse is not a joking matter. That's why I attend Berean Baptist Church! The people of this church DO NOT propose child abuse. We do not hate anyone. My pastor is not afraid to preach the Truth of the Word of Gid. Yes his words could have been better, but when you don't preach from a manuscript and you are very passionate about something, words might come out that aren't the best. I'm sure everyone here has said something they regret. I believe whole-heartedly in what he said and in the point he was trying to make. If you knew our pastor, promoting child abuse is totally against his beliefs and of this church. For the Christians on here saying that they are ashamed of what they think this pastor believes or what you say he is promoting, shame on you. Christians should be rejoicing that a Christian pastor is proclaiming the Truth. More need to do it. Our church stands behind our pastor. This is a loving church. We are called to be tolerantly intolerant. We cannot ignore sin, we hate sin. But we love the sinner. I challenge each and every one of you to listen to the sermon from this morning. If you think that we are haters and child abusers, and "bigots", then I hope that the Holy Spirit of God can turn your heart around. He loves you. God is Sovereign. Our church and our pastor love you. I pray that you will see this.
Concerned May 07, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Well said volleygirl
Concerned May 07, 2012 at 01:32 AM
My daughter also attends Berean and teaches in your school. Praying for the pastor and church.
David W May 07, 2012 at 04:19 AM
A passionate, Godly, pastor preaches truth from God's Word inside the sanctuary of a local church. The congregation hears, understands, and welcomes the message. A vocal and insulting minority, from outside the church and some from outside the community, takes offense at some of this truth - and then begins to exaggerate and take out of context almost everything connected to the "story". This minority group, composed of admitted atheists and alternative lifestyle folks, chooses to focus on allegations that the pastor advocated child abuse. Hummm. The message and 'controversy' spread via modern media and the internet - and suddenly the pastor and staff members of Berean receive hateful email and telephone messages. (The people who demand tolerance are intolerant themselves.) It is very apparent that an ungodly agenda is rampant among this outspoken minority - and I wonder why anyone is really surprised. The main issue of the sermon was the sanctity of marriage, as introduced by God, and it's definition of one man to one woman. At the heart, this is a pretty simple message - except some people who choose to deny the existence of God while demanding that we all accept their own perverse behavior simply will not understand it. Welcome to the fool festival. Psalms 14:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." Sin remains sin in the eyes of God. We will continue to support the pastor and have already voted for the NC marriage amendment. Next 'issue' please.
Peter DeSanto May 09, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Is that why some of those loving people at your church were calling our "Right!" and "Amen!" just after he said to crack that limp wrist or give him a punch?


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