ABC's 'The Bachelor' Has Made His Choice

The former Fort Bragg Army brat or the carefree girl from Seattle, who won Sean's heart?

Monday night was the finale of the spring season of The Bachelor. The two finalists got to meet Sean Lowe's family in Thailand and anxiously awaited for their happy ending and a giant engagement ring from the infamous jeweler, Neil Lane.

Long story short, Sean picked Catherine, the carefree girl from Seattle.

Lindsay, the Army brat, tearfully asked in disbelief: "Is it me"?

He replied: "When it comes down to it, I can't think of one thing that you don't possess that I don't need in a wife. I'm so sorry", said Lowe.

Lindsay, the Army brat, who spent time working as substitute teacher while stationed at Fort Bragg with her family, was a local fan favorite.

Military spouse circles and Facebook posts were abuzz in support of the 24-year old young woman who has been uprooted numerous time throughout her father's lifelong military career - much akin to military spouses around the world who feel that bond with her.

Catherine from Seattle is a fun-loving gal, with some heavy family baggage, but she clearly loved Sean and they brought out the best in each other.

"I had no idea that my feelings were going to turn into what they turned into," said Lowe to Catherine. "I don't want to say goodbye anymore."

So why are grown, happily married women drawn to the show?

"It's a reality show - but thank God, not my reality, the dating scene seems disastrous these days," said 29-year old military spouse Ashton Winters.

"All of us play matchmaker and though the girl that should win often does not, it's entertaining to watch," said a 37-year old elementary school teacher.

In your opinion why do people enjoy reality television so much, tell us in the comments below.

Aurora J. March 14, 2013 at 02:48 AM
some lighthearted mindless t.v. to end a stressful week.


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