Sometimes I wonder how things that happen in California would play out in other parts of the country. So I picked Fort Bragg at random. Under this new law any student feeling more like a different gender that day can go in the other bathroom. It also gives an excuse for three 8th grade boys to be alone in the bathroom with your six year old daughter. I am being called a hate monger for just bringing this issue up in The Pasadena Ca, area  How would that idea play out here?   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/13/california-gov-brown-signs-transgender-student-bill/ 
Oh, and we decided to self-impose a carbon tax, so the whole world "might follow by example" . Will you bail out California when it goes broke, and can't pay $100,000 a year retirement for low level government workers? Yes, these are loaded question....but I can't take it here anymore.


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