Insult to Injury: Wounded Warriors Snubbed at Walter Reed Dining Hall

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. under scrutiny for practices against their own Wounded Warriors, but turns it around quickly.

Earlier in August reports surfaced that the Warrior Cafe inside Walter Reed was reducing their hours and had invalidated meal tickets. As of Thursday night according to Facebook posts from a soldier staying there, the situation has changed. 

'We cannot thank the people at Fox News for the influence they have had at Walter Reed. As of today, our soldiers here have been given meal card privileges back at the Warrior Cafe and it will now be open again on the weekends! Thank you for helping the fight, Fox News!," it read on Prayers for Josh Wetzel's Facebook page.

Soldiers that spend time in Walter Reed have undergone severe physical and mental injuries. For all three meals, this would mean that those recovering soldiers, many of whom are amputees would have had to travel nearly half-mile across the campus to a temporary 'food trailer' according to a Fox news report.

"I mean it's called the Warrior Cafe, you would think it is for us," said Sgt. Josh Wetzel, who lost both his legs when he stepped on a pressure plate IED outside Kandahar, Afghanistan in May 2013. He's been recovering at Walter Reed since and has been a daily customer at the cafe. 

Read more on Fox News here.


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