Elf on the Shelf - for Adults

Time to liven up hiding the Elf after hours.

By now, surely you've heard of "Elf on the Shelf". The Elf comes in a boxed book set. We've had ours for 7 years now.

It was fun at first, hiding the Elf before bed, seeing the kids delight in the morning as they search for him. But as Decembers ends, it's really annoying.

In case you don't the game, the Elf "arrives" the day after Thanksgiving and plays silly pranks and hides in your house everyday until Christmas when he magically disappears.

Through the years, the game has been painful for me, but my mother-in-law gave us the Elf and always asks about it. It's entertaining if you don't have hide it each night.

Not to be a Grinch, but it's the worst in the morning when you hear little feet on the steps announcing they are ready to find the Elf - and you realize you forgot to re-hide it!

As I dash down the stairs almost knocking the kids down, I tear it off the chandelier and hook it on the door handles to the 'fridge. Whew! Not a way to start the weekend.

This year I've come across many humorous adults who appear to be having fun with their Elf. Just don't forget to make him appropriate by morning, or you'll have some explaining to do. To Santa himself!

A few of my favorite places to hide our Elf? Holding onto the jug of milk - it's a great surprise in the morning at breakfast. Hanging onto the pull up bar. Sticking out of the toilet paper tube.

Here is a website with some fun ideas, if you are having a contest with your spouse. Here are some creative ideas, but the kids wouldn't get it.

Where is your best Elf hiding place (for the kids)? Tell other Elf hiders in the comments below so we can come up with some new ideas.


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